The Man, The Meat, The Moral

Recently, a Toronto restaurateur sat in the front window of his establishment, ignoring his Friday night rush,  butchering a deer leg while facing out on angry, animal rights activists who had chosen to protest in front of his restaurant on a weekly basis. The man was losing money, time and patience due to someone else’s … Continue reading The Man, The Meat, The Moral


Cheating on Keto – Easter Edition

I’m a cheater. I cheated on keto. This Easter weekend, I decided to forgo keto altogether and just enjoy some food without thinking about macros. There was bread, there were potatoes. I had stuffing, hot cross buns and pancakes. There was cheesecake (oh heavens, the cheesecake) and homemade peanut butter eggs. There was so. Much. … Continue reading Cheating on Keto – Easter Edition

Hubby’s Homemade House Wing Sauce (Keto)

When I lived up North, I would frequent a local downtown spot called The Moose, known for its amazing chicken wings. Damn, those wings were good. It was always a trial not being able to eat things like that on previous diets, worrying about what they would do to the numbers on the scale. While … Continue reading Hubby’s Homemade House Wing Sauce (Keto)