Keto Peanut Butter Cheesecake Balls

One thing I don’t think I could ever live without is peanut butter. I can take or leave peanuts as a snack, but peanut butter? No siree! There’s something about this magical spread that just … works. I mean, there must be a reason we all keep buying it, right? I have tried to cut … Continue reading Keto Peanut Butter Cheesecake Balls


International Women’s Day – Special Post

Hello all, Why am I writing about women's empowerment on a food, nutrition and lifestyle blog? Because women spend way too much time worrying about what they put into their bodies. I have been slowly picking through Emily Clarkson's Can I Speak to Someone in Charge? and have been inspired to write a bit about … Continue reading International Women’s Day – Special Post

Hubby’s Homemade House Wing Sauce (Keto)

When I lived up North, I would frequent a local downtown spot called The Moose, known for its amazing chicken wings. Damn, those wings were good. It was always a trial not being able to eat things like that on previous diets, worrying about what they would do to the numbers on the scale. While … Continue reading Hubby’s Homemade House Wing Sauce (Keto)

Supporter, Cheerleader, Husband.

With it being Valentine’s day, I’m going to do something a little out of character: I’m going to write about my husband. Now, hear me out. I’m not going to go all lovey-dovey on here. That isn’t my style. What I am going to do, though, is talk about the importance of having support, in … Continue reading Supporter, Cheerleader, Husband.

Recipe: Chocolate Macaroons (Low Carb)

When you decide to go keto, coconut becomes a part of your very being. You eat it with, on and in almost everything, especially sweets. If it doesn’t have bacon grease, heavy cream or butter, it has coconut oil. These macaroons definitely fall into “fat bomb” territory, as each one is around 134 calories with … Continue reading Recipe: Chocolate Macaroons (Low Carb)

The pursuit of Tastiness

Really? Another food blog? I know, I know, the internet is flooded with food and nutrition blogs and we really don’t need to throw another one into the mix. The thing is, I know that while I don’t necessarily need to, I want to. Over the course of my life, my relationship with food has … Continue reading The pursuit of Tastiness